Trickster SmartSurveillance

Trickster SmartSurveillance

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What is it?

Trickster is a smart video surveillance system and more! It is being built with a special emphasis on simple deployment, super simple setup and simple monitoring. Simple as-in easy to install, easy to setup and easy to get running even for the non-techy minded! It aims to be bulging under the hood with a super sleek user interface. On top of this it aims to provide interaction with real world devices such as lights, motion sensors, intruder trip-sensors and the like!


I've just become absolutely fed up with what's currently available on the market! I've given up on spending so much time and money on products boasting to do all that I will ever need with ease. Yes, many products will indeed do all that I need but not without first investing endless time on configuration, xmls files and even custom programming code.

Some basic features

  • Customizable dashboard so users can find commonly accessed features tailored to them!
  • IP Cameras that can be easily added to the system with the ability to check connection parameters before adding. Why add a dud camera?
  • Multi-screen video monitoring
  • Burgler alarm features such as the ability record video on motion, trip sensors alarms and wot-hav-u
  • Easily search and replay recorded video events
  • Geographical device map so that users can easily see and not forget where devices are located
  • Touch screen friendly. Large 1080p and greater resolution. Screen able to mount on a wall
  • Interrogate and trigger real world devices such as lights, motion sensors intruder trip-sensors etc...
  • Integration to Z-Wave and similar technologies
  • Integration to our in-house designed sensors.
  • Internationalization for multi-language operation and deployment across the globe!
  • Remote access to features via smartphone and similar devices. Yes, there will eventually be an App available on the various App stores!
  • Cross platform deploy-able


Unfortunately this product is currently in the build process. If you are keen to keep tabs on progress and availability then please take a look at my Build Journal or follow me on twitter.