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20 August 2020:

Improve video playback on youtube when viewing with Google Chrome

If when you play video and you experience video shudder and general poor quality, perhaps try this. After installing a new operating system on my computer, I was experiencing this very problem. It became annoying. I knew the computer was up to the task by the simple fact that playback was fine on Firefox and same computer AND on Chrome running on the previous operating system yet same computer! I had to nail this and this is what worked for me!

In your Google Chrome browser, head to the URL chrome://flags

Looking at the list of expermental features, you want to look for a feature called something like... Override software rendering list.

Enable this feature. You might be asked to relaunch the browser for the feature to take effect.

Perform your tests and see how it goes. If you are still experiencing issues then take a look at the following...

Go to Chrome Settings. Once there then in the search field search for the word "hard"

What you're looking for is a Hardware Acceleration feature. Try switching it on or even off.

Test and enjoy.