X-platform software development for MS Windows, Apple OSX, Linux distributions, Android smart-phones and tablets. Digital electronic circuitry design. Open-source software deployments such as operating systems, file-sync servers (ditch ongoing fees from the likes of dropbox, google-drive etc), home-and-business media streaming, video surveillance, smart-homes and more.

I come into the computer, software coding and IT industry from a very extensive electronics background. So yes, if needed, I can design and build custom electronic circuitry though it's not something I do a lot of these days. Times have changed somewhat since I started back in the mid 80's. It's a nice to have skill if I need it!

Active in-house Projects and Activities

Full featured SmartSurveillance system:

I am building this system with a special emphasis on simple deployment, super simple setup and simple monitoring. Simple as-in easy! It aims to be bulging under the hood with a super sleek user interface. It is being built from the ground up!

Fast Turn Around Services

  • An Open Source file sync server running the solid and reliable Open Source server called Seafile. Ditch the ongoing costs of services such as Google Drive and Dropbox!
  • Open Source Zoneminder video surveillance server deployments
  • Alternative Open Source operating system deployments running Linux. For many individuals, it may not be necessary to shell-out and upgrade for a newer more expensive operating system such as Windows 10 (today) which may not necessarily run happily on your older hardware! Instead consider reviving a sluggish system by installing and running a more sleek and lite version of linux! Remember, if you upgrade your copy of Windows today, ask yourself... When will I need to upgrade yet again??

Open Source software is completely free to download and use and it does not mean cheap/free and nasty! You just need the know-how to get these systems up and running. I encourage individuals to give it a go for themselves otherwise I can help with that!

IT Support Services

  • I am currently providing IT support in my community of Hamilton NZ. Feel free to reach me via the embedded contact form or by voice call.

Custom Software Build Services

I do consider custom software builds for clients. By choice, the software technologies I tend employ are able to be deployed across multiple platforms. That means they can and will run on multiple operating systems such as MS Windows, Apples IOS, Linux Distro's and Android. It also means the same software code is quite capable of running on all manner of devices like desktops, tablets and phones. If necessary I will break away from my technology of choice in order to get the job done!


Feel free to visit my blog page where I often log software install procedures, tech tips, tech findings etc...


I work from home in the city of Hamilton New Zealand. You can contact me on ...

Mob: +64 - 21 - 1165-292

or please use the contact form below.